Birka Marshals Needed!

It’s that time of year again!  Time to run the meat grinder that is Brirka! This year looks to be a repeat of last year: Modified Bear Pit.  Wounds retained. Max of 3(!) rounds before you vacate to let the next pair in.  Dead is dead.

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Birka Fencing Marshals

Date: January 27, 2018

We need all the marshals we can get! Volunteer the full 4 hours and get in to Birka free! 0800: Setup 0900-1100: Check-in/Authorizations 1100-1400: Fencing Tournament 1400-1530: Breakdown & Cleanup A "Full Shift" is a 4-hour shift. This will include all of the tournament. You are encouraged to also help setup, breakdown, and inspections/authorizations. WE NEED YOU BY 10AM so we can go over the rules and get inspections out of the way. Thanks!

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What Available Spots
Fencing Marshal Full Shift #1: Brian C.
#2: Leo M.
#3: Frenya T.
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#5: Sign up »
#6: Sign up »
#7: Sign up »
#8: Sign up »
#9: Sign up »
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I can help a little... #1: Camille d.
#2: LOREN L.
#3: Mat W.
#4: Ashlee R.
#5: Kevin S.

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