Southern Region Rapier Army Practice Scheduled

Welcome, all fencers, to the first Southern Regional Rapier practice of the year! We’ve got a new site with lots of space, but the site is outdoors, so feel free to bring shade and seating. If it looks like the weather is against us, I will announce plans for an alternate site near the end … [Read more…]

Tournament Results from Birka

Tournament results are available from the bear-pit style tournaments traditionally held at A Market Day at Birka. Photo by Brendan Crane 152 heavy list (rattan) fighters entered the lists, fighting a total of 3,222 bouts. The overall top finisher was Lord Arne Ulrichsson with 280 points. The next ranked finisher was Sir Douglas Henry with … [Read more…]

Unified Marshal’s Meeting at Birka

  I’m going to hold an open-to-all unified marshals’ meeting at Birka, 3pm on Saturday, in the Frost Room. (I know the equestrians are also meeting then. They can come on in when they’re done. There will be plenty of time for them.) I’m going to talk about my proposed change for the tenure of the Earl … [Read more…]

Tournoi des Champions de la Rapière du Royaume de l’Est: Règles et Groupements

Traduction de cet article: préparé par Maîtresse A’isha bint Jamil avec l’aide de Google. Rapier Champions 2017 begins Ce matin, les tireurs du royaume rivalisent pour l’honneur de servir de Champion de Rapière du Roi et de Champion de Rapière de la Reine. Le Champion du Doi sera le vainqueur du tournoi, et le … [Read more…]

East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Results

Master Donovan has defeated Don Devillin to earn the honor of King’s Rapier Champion after three bouts as follows: Round 1: Rapier and Buckler, winner is Master Donovan Round 2: Rapier and Dagger, winner is Master Donovan Round 3: Single Rapier, winner is Master Donovan The Queen’s Champion will be announced during court. Filed under: … [Read more…]