Rapier Champs Update: Consort’s Champion and Recipient of the Cloak of Perseverance

In court last evening, Her Majesty selected Gerhardt von Hohensee as her Consort’s Champion.       The Cloak of Perseverance was awarded to Thora Kottr.     Many congratulations to these recipients, as well as our Sovereign’s Champion, for their accomplishments!   The Gazette thanks the MoLs and outgoing champions for their help and … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs Update: Sovereign’s Champion

The tournament has ended, and Millicent Rowan stands victorious. The Consort’s Champion will be announced during court this evening. The Gazette thanks the MoLs and outgoing champions for their help and support. Any mistakes are entirely the fault of the Gazette. Source: EK Gazette

Rapier Champs Finals

Two rapier combatants remain in the tourney. Millicent Rowan Gerhardt will vie for the title of Sovereign’s Champion. The final match will be the best three of five bouts, with rotating non-repeating call and response weapons forms: A coin toss will determine which fencer calls their form for the initial bout first. Forms that can … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs Final Four

The tournament is down to the final four. As a reminder, all previous losses are now forgiven. Each match will be determined by a single set of three bouts. The rapier combatants remaining in today’s tournament are as follows: Firebow Gerhardt Millicent Rowan Cassius When two gentles remain, the finals will be fought as follows: … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs Update – Pools Have Ended, Double Elimination Begins

The round robin portion of the tournament has ended, and the following combatants will exit their pools into the double elimination round: Llewellyn Zohane Robert Tytes Gerhardt Camille Melchior Cassius Pontianus Rodrigo de Medina Caine Jean-Pierre Millicent Rowan Mat Wyck James O’Galleghure Yin Firebow Matija Double Elimination Round Each match will be determined by the … [Read more…]