Kings and Queens Rapier Champions: Sweet Sixteen

The following fencers (in no particular order) are advancing to the Sweet 16: Master Ávaldr Valbjarnarson Master Albert Faulke of Sandford Maréchal Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne Don Mikulaj von Meissen Sir Ivan Ulrichson Sir Cassius Pontianus Lord Jacobus Jager Dracke Midir Ceallach Findabair Master Caine Ramsey Don Robert Tytes Don Robert Earlson Lord Grímólfr Skúlason … [Read more…]

Kings and Queens Rapier Champions: Rules and Entrants

This morning, the fencers of the kingdom are vying for the honor of serving as the King’s Rapier Champion and the Queen’s Rapier Champion. The King’s Champion will be the winner of the tournament, and the Queen’s Champion will be the Queen’s choice based on skill, comportment, and honor throughout the tournament. Below are the … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs Reminder

Greetings to the populace! As a reminder, the Gazette is attempting to compile a list of potential entrants to Kings and Queens Rapier Champions, to assist with our coverage. This is not binding, and has no connection to actually signing up for the tournament. If you are planning to enter, and want to help us … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs: A request from the Gazette

Greetings to the Fencers of the Kingdom from the Editors of the East Kingdom Gazette, We at the Gazette would again like to report on the King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champion tourney much the same way we do Crown Tourney, as we continue to expand our coverage of important kingdom events and tourneys. One of … [Read more…]