Rapier Champs Reminder

Greetings to the populace! As a reminder, the Gazette is attempting to compile a list of potential entrants to Kings and Queens Rapier Champions, to assist with our coverage. This is not binding, and has no connection to actually signing up for the tournament. If you are planning to enter, and want to help us … [Read more…]

Rapier Champs: A request from the Gazette

Greetings to the Fencers of the Kingdom from the Editors of the East Kingdom Gazette, We at the Gazette would again like to report on the King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champion tourney much the same way we do Crown Tourney, as we continue to expand our coverage of important kingdom events and tourneys. One of … [Read more…]

Pennsic Rapier Champs Team Announced!

SINGLES TEAM (Champs and Alternates) Master Donovan Shinnock Master Orlando Sforza Master Lottieri Malocchio Master Thomas Del Broc Vigilant Sorcha Dhocair Don Devillin MacPherson Don Melchior Kreibel Don Llewellyn Walsh Don Lupold Hass Don Cedric of the Floppy Hat Warder Brendan Firebow Don Doroga Voronin Lord Magnus Morty Lady Millicent Rowan Lord Robert Tytes Lord … [Read more…]


Unto the Rapier Fighters of the East Kingdom do I, Master Frasier MacLeod send greetings, My time in the office of Kingdom Rapier Marshal grows short, and I must put out the call for resumes for any who feel the call to service this office requires.  If you are interested in filling the position of Kingdom Rapier … [Read more…]

Southern Region Rapier Army Practice Scheduled

Welcome, all fencers, to the first Southern Regional Rapier practice of the year! We’ve got a new site with lots of space, but the site is outdoors, so feel free to bring shade and seating. If it looks like the weather is against us, I will announce plans for an alternate site near the end … [Read more…]