Prowess in rapier combat in the East Kingdom is recognized as follows:

The Order of Defense: Prowess, skill, and leadership in rapier and cut and thrust combat in the Society is recognized by the Order of Defense, a Society-level Peerage. Members of this order are referred to Masters and Mistresses of Defense.

The Order of Defense badge is (Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.  The Regalia for Order of Defense is (Fieldless) A white livery collar.

Order of High Merit – the Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR): given for excellence in the art of fence, for superior prowess in the lists, teaching, and promoting and expanding the knowledge of the art. Established April 26, A.S. 26 by Ruslan and Margaret.

Order of the Silver Rapiergiven for martial skill upon the rapier field. Established August 2, A.S. 43, by Konrad and Brenwen.