King’s Rapier Champions

These are the King’s Rapier champions, chosen by Right of Arms, at the yearly King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champion Tournament.

SCA Name Kingdom Award Date Event Bestowed By
Thomas Alexander of Hastings East 6/17/1989 King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions Tourney (East) Morguhn III and Maurya
Seosamh Tadhg an Crúca O’Maille East 7/20/1991 King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions (East) Randal III and Katherine II
Dylan ap Melgwn East 5/23/1992 King’s and Queen’s Champions Tourney (East) Ruslan and Margaret
Danulf the Bunnycrusher East 7/10/1993 King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions, Iron Bog (East) Tsurunaga and Genevieve
Michael of Castle Keep East 12/10/1994 King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions, Carolingia (East) Gregor II and Christence II
Enrique di Valencia East 3/1/1997 King’s and Queen’s Fencing Champions, Carillion (East) Lucan III and Elspeth
Jerryd DeWayne East 2/20/1999 King & Queen’s Fencing Tourney (East) Brion and Anna
Dylan ap Maelgwn East 2/5/2000 Market Day at Birka (East) Lucan V and Marieke II
Martin Quicksilver East 3/24/2001 Northern Lights (East) Andreas and Isabella
Nigel of Castle West East 11/10/2001 Hundred Minutes War (East) Lucan VI and Yana III
Brokk Jarlsson East 1/25/2003 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship (East) Andreas II and Isabella II
Antonio Patrasso East 11/15/2003 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships (East) Balfar IV and Luna IV
Pascual de la Mar East 1/22/2005 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions (East) Thorvald and Svava
Jean Paul Ducasse East 3/4/2006 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships (East) Darius III and Roxane III
Ian Raven of Tadcaster East 1/13/2007 King’s & Queen’s Rapier Championships (East) Lucan VII and Jana IV
Griffith Davion East 1/12/2008 King & Queen’s Fencing Champions (East) Andreas III and Gabriella
Caine Ramsey East 2/28/2009 K&Q Fencing Championships (East) Darius IV and Alethea
Jean Paul Ducasse East 2/27/2010 King’s & Queen’s Fencing Champions (East) Konrad II and Brenwen II
Griffith Davion East 1/22/2011 King and Queen Rapier Champions and All Things Pointy (East) Griffyth II and Aikaterine II
Donovan Shinnock East 2/4/2012 Kings and Queens – Rapier Champions (East) Gregor III and Kiena
Nathaniel Wyatt East 2/9/2013 Kings and Queen’s Rapier Champions (L’Ile du Dragon Dormant (DO NOT USE)) Edward II and Thyra
Donovan Shinnock East 3/29/2014 King and Queen’s Rapier Champion (Beyond the Mountain) Kenric II and Avelina II
Antonio Patrasso East 10/18/2014 King and Queen’s Rapier Champions (Bhakail) Edward III and Thyra II
Donovan Shinnock East 10/10/2015 K&Q Rapier Championships (Smoking Rocks) Brennan II and Caoilfhionn II
Lupold Hass von Zurich East 10/22/2016 K&Q Rapier Champions (Iron Bog) Brion III and Anna III
Donovan Shinnock East 12/16/2017 King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship (Buckland Cross) Ivan and Matilde
Remy Delemontagne da Gascogne East 12/8/2018 K&Q Rapier Champions (Carolingia) Wilhelm and Vienna
Donovan Shinnock East 11/2/2019 Queen and Crown Fencing Championships (Buckland Cross) Margarita

There are 28 award recipients.