Birka 2019 Info and Volunteers Needed

Once again, I will be running the fencing at Birka. I’ll be assisted by Lord Trian and Lady Nuala as my assistants.

This year looks to be a repeat of the last couple years:

  • Modified Bear Pit.
  • Wounds retained.
  • Dead is dead.
  • Max of 3(!) rounds before you vacate to let the next pair in.
  • Honor Tokens in effect. Three will be issued to you on sign-in. Hand them out to whomever you choose.  Each counts as a “Win”.
  • Loser(s) report to the MoL.

Some rules to live by:

  1. We are tight on space.  Bring only what you will need. Leave your extra stuff in your room (or a friends room or a friendly merchant).
  2. Wear non-marking shoes. The floor is wood. Please do not mark it up.
  3. Tell your friends! The word needs to go out to all fencers going to Birka. Don’t let your friends be “that guy”.
  4. Fight. Report your loses. Hydrate. THEN get back in line.
  5. Hydrate more.  The air is dry.  When in doubt, drink some more.
  6. Be safe. If you see something unsafe, call it out with a hold or inform a marshal.
  7. Be courteous. This is a big event with a lot of people. Communicate. Settle any issues on the spot.
  8. Be KIND. It goes a long way.

That’s it.

Sign up to marshal/volunteer Info:

(Note: If you’re not a marshal and want to volunteer, sign up any way and make a note by your name.  You’ll get to direct traffic.)

Sign-ups are CLOSED.  See you Saturday morning.