Rapier Championship Update: Sovereign’s Champion

The tournament has ended, and Antonio Patrasso stands victorious. The Consort’s Champion will be announced during court this evening. Photo taken by Chatricam Meghanta   The Gazette thanks the MoLs and outgoing champions for their help and support. Any mistakes are entirely the fault of the Gazette. Source: EK Gazette

Rapier Championship Finals

Two rapier combatants remaining in the tourney: Antonio Patrasso Thomas of Effingham will vie for the title of Sovereign’s Champion. The top two fighters will fight call and response rotating weapons forms. (Fighter A says they will use buckler, fighter B responds with dagger, etc). Combatants may not repeat any weapons forms, with one caveat:  … [Read more…]

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!! Their Royal Highness’s Call for Event Bids: The Royal Progress Road Trip

  Their Royal Highnesses, Matthias (he/him) and Æsa feilinn (she/her), Prince and Princess of the East, desire to travel the great baronies, shires, and cantons of the East Kingdom in a royal road trip. To make that possible, they need events to attend! Specifically, Their Highnesses seek bids for the following events for the upcoming … [Read more…]