Announcement: New East Kingdom Rapier Rules

Fencers of the East! I am pleased to announce that we have new kingdom fencing rules, effective immediately. Please read my foreword on Page 2 for commentary that may address some questions. The biggest change in these rules is the introduction of the spear form into the East. Again, I will highlight the rule … [Read more…]

2020 East Kingdom Fencing Rules – Draft for Commentary

A draft of the 2020 East Kingdom Fencing Rules is now available for commentary from the populace for the next 30 days. The draft includes introductory matter detailing the major changes in this revision and identifying the differences between East Kingdom and Society rules. Please provide any feedback to Lilias de Cheryngton, Kingdom Marshal of … [Read more…]

Known World Rapier & Costuming Symposium April 2020

  Hosted by the Kingdom of Avacal April 17-20, 2020 The Edmonton Inn and Conference Centre 11834 Kingsway Ave Edmonton, AB Registration is open! More detailed information on registration, room rates, costuming classes, rapier classes, and the masquerade ball can be found on the official website at: Facebook Page: Facebook Event Page: Source: … [Read more…]

East Kingdom Pennsic Combat Leadership Announced

Unto the Populace of the East, The Tyger marches the road to War; so begins the process of honing our edges, painting our banners and tuning our drums. Their Royal Highnesses have seen fit to allow me to apoint members of our beloved East to lead the Tyger Army to victory, and prove that the … [Read more…]

Queen’s Rapier Champion Declared

Queen Margarita has chosen Don Robert Tytes as her Champion. Vivant to all who fought, marshalled, ran the lists, and otherwise participated today. Queen Margarita and her champions. Source: EK Gazette