East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Results

Master Donovan has defeated Don Devillin to earn the honor of King’s Rapier Champion after three bouts as follows: Round 1: Rapier and Buckler, winner is Master Donovan Round 2: Rapier and Dagger, winner is Master Donovan Round 3: Single Rapier, winner is Master Donovan The Queen’s Champion will be announced during court. Filed under: … [Read more…]

East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Finals

During the semi-finals, the two competitors entering undefeated each ceded a loss to their opponent putting them on equal footing in the semi-final bouts.. After hard and honorably fought bouts, two rapier fighters remained in contention for the honor of serving as the King’s Champion of Fence. At this point, all losses again reset, and … [Read more…]

East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Final Four

After many rounds of honorable fighting, the following rapier combatants are still vying for the honor of becoming the King’s Champion of Rapier: Undefeated Master Antonio Don Melchior Kriebel One defeat Master Donovan Don Devilin   Source: EK Gazette

East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Sweet 16

The following rapier combatants have advanced out of their pools and into the double elimination tourney. They are listed in no particular order. Kenric Devilin Melchior Sorcha Remy Antonio Thomas of Effingham Donovan Garrick mapmaker Katsu-Dono Ogedei Collin Monroe Douglas Doan Llewelyn Walsh Orlando sforza Omega   Filed under: Rapier Tagged: champions, fencing, Rapier, tournaments … [Read more…]

East Kingdom Rapier Champs: Rules and Pools

Rapier Champions 2017 begins This morning, the fencers of the kingdom are vying for the honor of serving as the King’s Rapier Champion and the Queen’s Rapier Champion. The King’s Champion will be the winner of the tournament, and the Queen’s Champion will be the Queen’s choice based on skill, comportment, and honor throughout the … [Read more…]