From the Society Rapier Marshal

Copied with permission from Google+: Greetings I have been extremely fortunate in having stepped into this office with several strong supporting deputies. I am at present looking to identify an Emergency Deputy to work with me for the next few years on the various projects that come across this virtual desk. Interested parties should send … [Read more…]

Pennsic War Command (From Maistre Remy)

Evening East Kingdom, I’m happy to announce I’ll be repeating as your General for Pennsic 47. I’m looking forward to working with Her Highness, Caoilfhionn, and His Highness, Brennan, in the War preparations. This year we’d like to do things a little differently and put out a call for volunteers for the EK Rapier Command … [Read more…]

Miscellaneous Links

Miscellaneous Links for fencing   East Kingdom Rapier Combatant Compendium (who’s who in rapier)  

Companions of the Silver Rapier

The Order of the Silver Rapier was established August 2, A.S. 43 by Konrad and Brenwen, and is given by the Crown for martial skill upon the Rapier Field. # Name Date 1 Nathaniel Wyatt (Premier) 08/07/2008 2 Edmund Patterson 09/27/2008 3 Anssem van Rienen 09/27/2008 4 Griffith Davion 09/27/2008 5 Ogedei Becinjab 09/27/2008 6 … [Read more…]

Companions of the Golden Rapier

The Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR) is an Order of High Merit given for excellence in the art of fence. Recipients have consistently demonstrated superior prowess in the lists, and have been teaching, and helping to promote and expand the knowledge of their art. # Name Date A.S. 1 Morgunn Sheridan 1992-08-12 XXVII 2 … [Read more…]