Kings’ and Queens’ Rapier Champions

Current King’s Champion: Don Nathaniel Wyatt Current Queen’s Champion: Davius St. Jacques   Previous Champions: King’s Champion Queen’s Champion A.S. Thomas Alexandre of Hastings Sym of Clan Fraser AS XXIV Seosamh MacDonald an Cruca O’Maille Rian Gortroyan AS XXVI Dylan ap Malegwn Ailis Catriona mac an Toisich AS XXVII Danulf Donaldson Seosamh MacDonald an Cruca O’Maille AS XXVIII Michael … [Read more…]

Senior Marshallate

  Title Name Email addresss Marshal of Fence Caine Ramsey Deputy Marshal of Fence Nathaniel Wyatt Northern Shores Region Deputy Tarius Britannicus and Guthfrith Yrlingson Northern Region Deputy Jean de Montagne Central Region Deputy Donovan Shinnock Southern Region Deputy Griffith Davion Youth Rapier Lucien de Wyntere     … [Read more…]