From the Society Rapier Marshal

Copied with permission from Google+: Greetings I have been extremely fortunate in having stepped into this office with several strong supporting deputies. I am at present looking to identify an Emergency Deputy to work with me for the next few years on the various projects that come across this virtual desk. Interested parties should send … [Read more…]

From the Master Laertes (Deputy Society Marshal, Rapier)

The Board of Directors has reviewed and approved changes to the Rapier Marshal’s Handbook concerning rigid head protection and padding. The revised handbook has been posted and is now available for download on this office’s webpage – In summary, the two changes are: 1. Revise section 2.B.iv. to require head protection to be … [Read more…]

Styles of Fencing: English

The resources in this section present information related to the study of the English style of rapier combat. Manuals George Silver: Paradoxes of Defense – by Greg Lindahl George Silver: Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defense – by Greg Lindahl   Interpretation [Book] English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silver – by Stephen … [Read more…]