Kings’ and Queens’ Rapier Champions

Current King’s Champion: Don Nathaniel Wyatt
Current Queen’s Champion: Davius St. Jacques


Previous Champions:

King’s Champion Queen’s Champion A.S.
Thomas Alexandre of Hastings Sym of Clan Fraser AS XXIV
Seosamh MacDonald an Cruca O’Maille Rian Gortroyan AS XXVI
Dylan ap Malegwn Ailis Catriona mac an Toisich AS XXVII
Danulf Donaldson Seosamh MacDonald an Cruca O’Maille AS XXVIII
Michael of Castlekeep Morgaine ferch Cadwr AS XXIX
Dylan ap Maelgwn Christian von Jauergk AS XXX
Enrique de Valencia Brokk Jarlson AS XXXI
Dylan ap Maelgwn Fionn MacNeassa AS XXXII
Jerryd de Wayne Frasier MacLeod AS XXXIII
Dylan ap Maelgwn Alexandre Lerot D’Avigne AS XXXIV
Don Martin Quicksilver Lord Connor MacGillivray AS XXXV
Don Nigel of Castle West Don Antonio Patriquin AS XXXVI
Don Brokk Jarlsson Don Jost von Aichstadt AS XXXVII
Don Antonio Patriquin Thomas del Bruc AS XXXVIII
Senior Pascual Del Mar Lord Caine Ramsey AS XXXIX
Don Jean-Paul Justin Casse Doña Marion Del Oakes AS XL
Don Ian Raven Doña Lilias de Cheryngton AS XLI
Lord Griffith Davion Don Collin Monro of Tadcaster AS XLII
Don Caine Ramsey Master Thomas DeCastellan AS XLIII
Baron Jean-Paul Justin Casse Don Donovan Shinnock AS XLIV
Don Griffith Davion Earl Edward Grey AS XLV
Don Donovan Shinnock Baron Jean-Paul Ducasse AS XLVI
Don Nathaniel Wyatt Davius St. Jacques AS XLVII

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