Defining Historical Martial Arts

The resources in this section seek to define “historical martial arts,” provide background information on the history of martial arts in Medieval Europe and discuss the study of these arts in the present day.

Western Swordsmanship Today: Defining Historical Fencing
Defines historical fencing and discusses the difference between Historical Fencing and other types of fencing (classical, sport, theatrical, etc.)

Getting to the Point: The European Art of Fencingby Ken Mondschein (2001)
An overview of the history of fencing from ancient history to the present day. Published in the online Journal of Western Martial Arts

A Short Introduction to Historical European Martial Arts
Provides an overview of martial arts in both the early and late middle ages, as well as the modern research and practice of these ancient arts.

Top Myths of Renaissance Martial Arts
The diverse range of misconceptions and erroneous beliefs within historical fencing studies today is considerable. But there are perhaps some myths that are more common, and more pervasive, than others.

Martial Art and Pastime of Fops: How fashion and social issues shaped modern fencingby J. Christoph Amberger (2002)
The role of fashion in the rise in popularity of the rapier.Published in the online Journal of Western Martial Arts

The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europeby Sydney Anglo
[Book] A comprehensive study of European Martial Arts from the 15th to 17th centuries.