Styles of Fencing: English

The resources in this section present information related to the study of the English style of rapier combat.


George Silver: Paradoxes of Defenseby Greg Lindahl

George Silver: Brief Instructions Upon My Paradoxes of Defenseby Greg Lindahl



[Book] English Swordsmanship: The True Fight of George Silverby Stephen Hand


The London Masters of Defence

The resources in this section provide information about the group known as The Company of Masters of the Noble Science of Defense, a chartered guild, based in London, which offered instruction in many forms of martial arts, including rapier, during the 1500’s and into the 1600’s. This group is relevant for fencers in the East Kingdom because the League of Rapier Academies is loosely based upon this group.

The Schools of Defense in Elizabethan Londonby Jay P. Anglin
Renaissance Quarterly, Vol. 37, No. 3 (Autumn, 1984), pp. 393-410: (Journal Article)
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[Book] The Noble Science: A Study and Transcription of Sloan Ms. 2530, Papers of the Masters of Defence of Londonby Herbert Berry

Prizes of the London Masters of Defenseby Don Dylan ap Maelgwn

The London Masters of Defence- Playing the Prize in Elizabethan Englandby J. Clements