From the EKMoF: Change in Rapier Marshal Requirements

Effective immediately, the qualifications to be an East Kingdom Rapier Marshal have been modified to remove the requirement to have current authorizations in 3 weapons forms. This change is intended to accommodate marshals who are unable to maintain authorizations due to long-term injury or other life circumstances, but still want to participate and support the community. People wishing to become marshals under these circumstances will still need to meet the rest of the qualifications, to wit:
  1. They must be a member of the SCA, and must maintain membership for the duration of their warrant;
  2. They must be acceptable to the Regional Marshal of the area in which they reside, as well as to the Kingdom Marshal of Fence. Being acceptable to the Regional Marshal and KMoF may include:
    1. Demonstrating an understanding of the rules and how they are applied;
    2. Demonstrating the ability to act responsibly and exercise sound judgment;
    3. Having undergone training in marshalling techniques from one or several warranted marshals;
    4. Being recommended by a warranted marshal as competent; and
    5. Any other matters bearing on a candidate’s knowledge, judgment, experience or fitness to be a marshal.
Please note the existing rule IV.A.5 which states that “Authorizations are conducted by two warranted marshals who are themselves authorized in the weapons form that is the subject of the authorization.” Therefore, marshals without current authorizations will not be able to conduct them.
If you wish to apply to be a marshal under these circumstances, please inform your Regional Marshal. I’ve been working with the EK MOL to revise the warranting process, so I can’t say exactly how my office will be handling the paperwork for this yet. We will address circumstances individually for now.

Source: EK Gazette