Styles of Fencing: Italian

The resources in this section present information related to the study of the Italian style of rapier combat.


A Brief Glossary of Italian Rapier Conceptsby Maestro Tom Leoni

Period Fencing Termsby William E. Wilson

Manuals, Period Rapier Texts & Translations

[Book] Italian Rapier Combat: Ridolfo Capo Ferroby Jared Kirby (trans)

Capo Ferro Translationby William E. Wilson and W. Jherek Swanger (trans)

[Book] The Art of Dueling: 17th century rapier as taught by Salvatore Fabrisby Maestro Tom Leoni (trans)

DiGrassi: The True Arte of Defenseby Giacomo DiGrassi

Vincent Saviolo his Practice

Giacomo DiGrassi Video-Enhanced Rapier Tutorial

Camillo Agrippa: An Intoductionby Roger Siggs (Tattershall School of Defence)

Giovanni dall’Agocchie: Opera Necessaria – William E. Wilson

The Art and the Science: An introduction to rapier techniques of Salvator Fabris – Presented by Phil Marshall, The School of the Sword, at Dijon 2008

Fabris Rapier and Dagger Sequence (1606)Higgins Armory Sword Guild

Translation of Giovanni Antonio Lovino’s Traite D’Escrimeby William E. Wilson


The Duellist’s Companion: a training manual for 17th century Italian rapierby Guy Windsor
[Book] Designed as a practical training manual relating to the Italian Rapier based on the work of Capo Ferro.

Practical Capo Ferroby William E. Wilson

Introduction to the Italian Rapier: The work of Rudolfo Capo Ferroby Lord Lorenzo Gorla (hosted by Tadcaster Militia)

The Practical Saviolo: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5by Stephen Hand
Published 2003 in the online Journal of Western Martial Arts

A Brief Look at Achille Marozzo and the Bolognese Schoolby Marco Rubboli

Foundations of Italian Rapierby William E. Wilson
[Book] Published in SPADA: Anthology of swordsmanship. Focuses on the techniques of Achille Marozzo.



[Book] Arte of Defence: An Introduction to the Use of the Rapierby William E. Wilson

Italian Circle Theory: A study of the applied geometry in the Italian Renaissanceby Gary Chelak
Article published in SPADA 2: Anthology of swordsmanship

A Matter of Timeby Stephen Hand (2000)
Published in the online Journal of Western Martial Arts

Understanding Tempoby Maestro Tom Leoni

Understanding Gaining the Swordby Maestro Tom Leoni

Finding the Sword or Stringereby Maestro Tom Leoni
Article published in SPADA 2: Anthology of swordsmanship