King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships: Tournament Format Announced

Greetings Eastern Fencers!

King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championships will be held on November 2nd hosted by the fine folks in the Barony of Buckland Cross. (

Their Highnesses have approved the following format for the tournament (tl;dr the format is similar to the past few years).


Round Robin

We’ll start off with an eight pool round robin. Bring your best form, and double-kills will be re-fought only once (after that dead is dead). The top two fencers from each pool will move on to the Sweet 16.

Tie breakers will go to the Head to Head winner from the round robin. If that match-up ended in a double kill loss, the two combatants will fight until there’s one clean winner.

Sweet 16

The Sweet 16 will begin as Single Rapier Only. Entrants in the Winners List will continue to fight Single Rapier; those in the Losers List may take out whatever form they wish (that they are authorized in). This will remain the format, until we get to the Final 4.

Final 4

In the Final 4, fencers may take out whichever form they wish (again, from the forms that they are authorized in). The final 4 fencing bouts will be Best of 3 passes.

Those who are still undefeated (aka coming from the Winner’s List) need to win just one Best of 3 passes; those coming from the Loser’s list must beat the undefeated fencer in two Best of 3 passes.

The Finals

The Finals will be a Best of 5–call and response, matched-forms. Previous losses are forgiven in the finals so both fencers start with a clean slate.


Cut & Thrust is allowed in any of the bouts as long as both combatants are A) authorized in C&T; and B) agree to it. Those bouts will be fought to standard C&T rules and armor requirements.


As you all know, K&Q Rapier is a huuuuuge tournament. Last year we had 110 fencers! We’ll be needing any able bodies who aren’t fighting but are willing to help out in other ways to help marshal the lists as well as keep track of the round robin Wins and Losses.

If you’re interested in helping out, get in touch!


As always, if you have any questions please send them along.

Thanks and best of luck to all! *insert your training montage music*


Yours in Service,

Chevalier Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne

King’s Champion of Rapier


Source: EK Gazette