Mailing Lists

(and other ways to stay in touch)


  • EK Rapier Announcements Mailing List: Announcements of general interest to the kingdom’s rapier community like rules changes, events within the kingdom that will have fencing at them, practices starting up or moving, etc. Anyone can send mail to the list, but all are moderated to ensure they meet the criteria.
  • EK Rapier Discussion List: An unofficial list managed by Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne.
  • Unofficial EK Rapier Facebook Group: This group has discussions and announcements about everything EK rapier (and SCA rapier generally).


  • Southern Region Fencing Mailing List: This list is for posting and tracking announcements about practices and other information important to fencing in the Southern Region of the East Kingdom.


There are many mailing lists dedicated to local fencing groups. The list of practices contains many of them; if you don’t see one listed for your group, contact the Marshal in Charge to find out whether there is one.