Announcement Regarding Martial Authorization Expiration Dates Inbox

Over the past month or so, The Ministry of Lists has been looking into regulations and requirements with regard to fighting authorizations. After speaking with the VP for Corporate Operations, Society Marshal, and the Kingdom Seneschal, we have come to an agreement for handling this, as follows: All authorizations expiring between March 1, 2020 and June 6, … [Read more…]

New Southern Region Rapier Deputy

Don Morwill MacShane has accepted the position of Southern Region Rapier Deputy, effective January 1st. We are working on the administrative updates now, after which he will be reachable at you again to Don Lorenzo Gorla for his excellent service in the position.

Announcement: New East Kingdom Rapier Rules

Fencers of the East! I am pleased to announce that we have new kingdom fencing rules, effective immediately. Please read my foreword on Page 2 for commentary that may address some questions. The biggest change in these rules is the introduction of the spear form into the East. Again, I will highlight the rule … [Read more…]

2020 East Kingdom Fencing Rules – Draft for Commentary

A draft of the 2020 East Kingdom Fencing Rules is now available for commentary from the populace for the next 30 days. The draft includes introductory matter detailing the major changes in this revision and identifying the differences between East Kingdom and Society rules. Please provide any feedback to Lilias de Cheryngton, Kingdom Marshal of … [Read more…]