Recreating Period Techniques

The resources in this section talk about how to learn about and accurately recreate period techniques using period manuals and other sources of information. Rules for the Study & Education of Historical Combat Techniques within the SCA The Importance of Studying Fechtibucher – by Bartholomew WalczakThe history, practice, and value of using period fighting manuals. … [Read more…]

The Masters & Their Manuals

The resources in this section provide an outline of important period fencing masters and discuss their fencing manuals. Masters of the 16th and Early 17thBrief descriptions of the masters of the 16th and 17th centuries. Renaissance Martial Arts Literature – by J. ClementsDiscusses some of the major fighting treaties published during the middle ages. Setting … [Read more…]

Defining Historical Martial Arts

The resources in this section seek to define “historical martial arts,” provide background information on the history of martial arts in Medieval Europe and discuss the study of these arts in the present day. Western Swordsmanship Today: Defining Historical FencingDefines historical fencing and discusses the difference between Historical Fencing and other types of fencing (classical, sport, … [Read more…]

Rules & Marshallate Resources

East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules (Effective May 1, 2012) NOTICE: Effective May 1, 2012 there are new Society Blade Flex Standards. NOTICE: Darkwood Tips Banned in East Kingdom (June 13, 2007) As a result of numerous out-of-Kingdom failure reports, I have decided to ban the use in this Kingdom of rapier tips manufactured and/or sold … [Read more…]