This guide contains a list of recommended books and online articles for those interested in exploring the world of period rapier combat. For a more complete list of resources and websites concerning period combat techniques please visit the Historic Combat Resource guide available on the SCA’s website: www.sca.org./officers/arts/histcombat.html.   This guide was written, and … [Read more…]


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Useful Forms MOL form for recording a “Round Robin” tourney MOL form for recording a “Double Elimination” tourney Tournament Report Cards

On Being a Marshal in Charge

On a non-substantive note, the word is spelled “marshallate.” We are “marshals.” “Martial” is an adjective. Or a Saint. Sorry, pet peeve. Go home and read the rules. Over and over again. Read the EK rules and the Society rules. Start double-checking on the enforcement of the rules at your practice. Get your people used … [Read more…]


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