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Miscellaneous Links for fencing   East Kingdom Rapier Combatant Compendium (who’s who in rapier) http://www.bluetyger.org/rapier/index.htm  


The following pages contain a variety of useful information for both new and seasoned rapier fighters.  Some of the content is from the East Kingdom Rapier community, much is from third parties (individual merchants, other kingdoms, and the websites of individuals and households).  Content that is not part of the East Kingdom Rapier site itself … [Read more…]


Don’t worry too much about this information at first. This is just a small list of words you might hear and what they mean. There’s a much more comprehensive SCA glossary on the SCA website. These are just a few words to get you past your first practice.   Golden Rapier The Order of the … [Read more…]


  This guide contains a list of recommended books and online articles for those interested in exploring the world of period rapier combat. For a more complete list of resources and websites concerning period combat techniques please visit the Historic Combat Resource guide available on the SCA’s website: www.sca.org./officers/arts/histcombat.html.   This guide was written, and … [Read more…]


  The editors would like to thank Lady Elysabeth (Lissa) Underhill for collecting and organizing many of the resources presented here. If you have material or links that should appear on this page, please submit them here. An Introduction to Teaching Rapier in the SCA (by Lord Lorenzo Gorla) Hosted by Tadcaster Militia Publishing (scroll … [Read more…]