Rapier Champions: Final Four

The following fighters remain in the tournament. In the Final 4, fencers may take out whatever they wish. Best of 3 pass. Those who are still undefeated (aka coming from the Winner’s List) need to win just one Best of 3 passes; those coming from the Loser’s list must beat the undefeated fencer in two … [Read more…]

Rapier Champions: Top Eight

The following fighters remain in the tournament: Robert Tytes Davius Saint-Jaques Donovan Shinnock Melchior Kriebel Owynn Greenwood Gregori Rogue Montana Millicent Rowan Sorcha Dhocair   On-site photographs and reporting thanks to Avaldr Valbjarnarson and Marian Kirkpatrick, any mistakes are those of the Gazette staff and not the MoLs or on-site reporters. Source: EK Gazette

Rapier Champions: Sweet 16

The following rapier fighters have advanced from the Round Robin pools to continue in the tournament to determine the Champions of Rapier: Caine Ramsey Robert Tytes Davius Saint-Jaques Lupold Hass Donovan Shinnock Yin Feng-yu Melchior Kriebel Quinten Yehunda ben Moshe Owynn Greenwood Robert Gregori Rogue Montana Brenden Sterling Millicent Rowan Sorcha Dhocair Queen Margarita and … [Read more…]

Queen’s and Crown’s Rapier Champions Underway

It is a beautifully sunny day in the Barony of Buckland Cross where the tournament to determine the Queen’s and Crowns Champions of Rapier is underway.  The tournament begins with eight Round Robin-style lists, where each fighter will face every other fighter in their list.  The top two fighters from each list will advance to … [Read more…]