Pennsic Rapier Champions Team Announced

his past weekend at the Great Northeastern War, General Xavier the Sinister announced the following gentles to this year’s Pennsic Rapier Champions Team. Heroic Champions Team and Alternates: Maître Remy Delamontagne de Gasconge Don Morwill MacShane Master Donovan Shinnock Maestra Sorcha Dhocair Baron Carolingia, called Effing Thomas, Master of Defense Don Devillin MacPherson Don Robert … [Read more…]

From the EKMoF: Change in Rapier Marshal Requirements

Effective immediately, the qualifications to be an East Kingdom Rapier Marshal have been modified to remove the requirement to have current authorizations in 3 weapons forms. This change is intended to accommodate marshals who are unable to maintain authorizations due to long-term injury or other life circumstances, but still want to participate and support the … [Read more…]

EK Rapier Marshallate Lists

The EK Ministry of Lists is transitioning ownership of marshallate records from their office to the corresponding kingdom officer. The first step of this process is to ensure the current list of rapier marshals is correct. If you are an East Kingdom Rapier Marshal, please take a moment to locate your name on this list. … [Read more…]