Rapier Champions’ Challenge

Unto the Fencers of the East do Don Donovan Shinnock and Baron Jean-Paul Ducasse, King’s and Queen’s Rapier Champions of the East send our greetings.

There are whispered rumors of war in the wind, and a growing shadow of threat looming on the horizon. It is our intention to make sure that should this war come to pass that the Rapier fighters of the East are well prepared for the threat and chaos of war. As the fencers of the East prepare for the wars of summer, and we train as an army upon the field of battle, let us not forget that there are both opportunities and a need for skill in the tourney list, and a chance to shine in single combat! To that end, we would announce the following Champions challenge to one and all.

In the days leading to Pennsic, let the tourney lists be filled with those who would wish to sharpen their skills and display them to all, for the honor and glory of the East. At the following events one or both of us will be present; we would love to see fencers display their skills before all and sundry, let the names of those who place well in these tournaments be cried across the kingdom and upheld as examples of Eastern prowess.

More events will be listed at a later date to ensure that we have multiple venues to help as many as we can, and let us all help one another learn and improve before we travel to the fields of Pennsic!

Seek us out, impress us with your skills, and hone your will and swords.  Let us show their glorious Majesties King Kenric and Queen Avelina the might of the Eastern Fencers.

In service to the Crown and East,

Don Donovan Shinnock
King’s Champion of Fence

Baron Jean-Paul Ducasse
Queen’s Champion of Fence