Rapier Champs Final Four

The tournament is down to the final four. As a reminder, all previous losses are now forgiven. Each match will be determined by a single set of three bouts. The rapier combatants remaining in today’s tournament are as follows:

  • Firebow
  • Gerhardt
  • Millicent Rowan
  • Cassius

When two gentles remain, the finals will be fought as follows:

  • The final match will be the best three of five bouts, with rotating non-repeating call and response weapons forms: A coin toss will determine which fencer calls their form for the initial bout first.
  • Forms that can be chosen by combatants consist of Single Sword, Sword and Dagger, Case, Sword and Rigid Parry, Sword and Non-Rigid Parry, Two-handed Sword (with no secondary), and Spear (with no secondary).
  • Forms need not match.
  • Double kills are refought

The Gazette thanks the MoLs and outgoing champions for their help and support. Any mistakes are entirely the fault of the Gazette.

Source: EK Gazette