Youth Rapier

Young people in the Kingdom are encouraged to try their hand at the art of fence! 

The East Kingdom youth rapier program is divided into three divisional stages, structured by the age of the participants –Division 1 Ages 6 – 9, Division 2 Ages 10 – 13, and Division 3 Ages 14 – 17.

Divisional equipment standards and regulations are detailed in the rules. As always, a participant’s progress within their division and access to progressive weapon forms is at the discretion of the youth marshal in charge.

Forms required for participation may be found on the East Kingdom Chancellor Minor’s forms page.

Kingdom Recognition
The Kingdom honors youth who pursue their martial goals with dedication and joy.

The Order of Gawain is an East Kingdom Order of Honor for Youth Martial Activity.

The Order of Gawain (Established by Gryffith and Aikaterine, April 22, A.S. 41) may be awarded by the Crown to honor and recognize those young people, up to and including the age of 17, who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor, honor, chivalry, courtesy, and leadership within a youth martial activity.

In making their decision, The Crown may, at Their discretion, request comment from the appropriate Marshalate regarding candidates for this award.

The recipient of this award is entitled to wear on the left arm a green garter charged with a gold mullet.

The Companions of this Order will be bound, insofar as they are able, to maintain and encourage the standards of the Order within the youth martial community.