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East Kingdom Rapier Combat Rules (Effective May 1, 2012)

NOTICE: Effective May 1, 2012 there are new Society Blade Flex Standards.

NOTICE: Darkwood Tips Banned in East Kingdom (June 13, 2007)

As a result of numerous out-of-Kingdom failure reports, I have decided to ban the use in this Kingdom of rapier tips manufactured and/or sold by Darkwood Armory. Fencers should not install these tips on any blade to be used in practice, melee or tournament. Fencers currently using these tips are strongly encouraged to replace them as soon as possible, and in any event no later than July 27, 2007 (the first day of Pennsic).

For the inspecting marshal, if you don’t know the manufacturer of a particular tip, you should ask the fencer (and fencers, you should be able to answer this question).

And as long as we’re talking about tips, it’s useful to review the relevant EK rule: “Prior to having a tip applied, the point of Heavy Rapiers must be cut or filed so that the tip is either flat, or rounded, with no sharp edges or burrs. Heavy Rapiers must be covered with a tip that presents a blunt striking surface of at least ½” (12 mm) in diameter. This is most often done with an archery bird blunt of the appropriate diameter. A washer or metal casing shall be put in the end of the tip to prevent the end of the blade from wearing through the tip. Tips must be firmly taped or fastened in place using contrasting colored material as described above.”

Society Rapier Handbook (June 2006)

Society Approved Blade List (August 18, 2009) – NO LONGER RELEVANT (FEB 2012)


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