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Bullet Teaching and Lesson Plans
Bullet Drills
Bullet SCA Fencing Manuals


Teaching and Lesson Plans

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An Introduction to Teaching Rapier in the SCA (by Lord Lorenzo Gorla)
Hosted by Tadcaster Militia Publishing (scroll down page). Geared to the new teacher, who is training a new student to their first authorization.


Common Mistakes Of Beginning Rapier Students (by Maestro Tom Leoni)
This article discusses the most common mistakes beginning rapier students make and how to avoid them.


Mistress Mercedes’ Three Hour Doublet (by Mistress Mercedes de Calafia)
Instructions for making a simple sleeveless doublet in three hours


Off-Hand Thoughts: Remembering the Other Hand (by Lady Katryne Blak)
Suggestions on ways to help new fencers remember to use their off-hand while fighting.


Four Guidelines for Free-play (by Steven Reich)


Training Guides (by Barwn Meistr Gwylym ab Owain, OL OP DWS)
Lesson Plans for Rapier, Rapier & Dagger, and Rapier & Buckler, and introductions to both Sidesword and Longsword.


Teaching New Fencers
From posts found on the Drills & Skills Yahoo Groups List


Teaching Tips
From posts found on the Drills & Skills Yahoo Groups List


Diagram of modern fencing lines and areas


Teaching Footwork (by Lord Edmund Patterson)
Footwork is important. I make it easy.




Have a favorite drill you’d like to share? Submit it here for future publication in this section!

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Heavy Rapier Drills (by Doña Lillias De Cheryngton)


Drills, Drills, Drills (by Don Malcolm Bowman)
Newbie to melee Drills For Instructors And Practitioners


Drill of the Week (by Steven Reich)
Drills from the Order of the Seven Hearts – note: not updated since October 2006


Defensive Drills (by Don Pascual Del Mar)



SCA Fencing Manuals

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Practical Application of Melee for Rapier Combat (by Count Yngvar the Dismal and Don Malcolm Bowman)
A Look At Tactics, Techniques, And Ideas For Rapier Melee


Beginner’s Guide to EK Rapier Parts I-III (by Don Malcom Bowman)


Scola Metallorum Rapier Training Manual
Manual dedicated to enriching individuals interested in SCA Style Rapier Combat.


Rapier 101 (by John James Mac Crimmon)
Available as a file in the Teaching Rapier Yahoo List – requires list subscription


Renaissance Rapier (by Joseph Blayde Bricky)


Rudiments of Teaching and Learning Rapier Combat (by Randy Packer)
A sample of a suggested series of introductory courses that a new student could be taken through. Some concepts are based on the work of Capo Ferro.


Fundamentals of Rapier (by Randy Packer)
Concepts and exercises for Italian Rapier combat in the SCA.


Don’t Look at the Fish! (by Lord Kevin O.Shaughnessy)
A Discussion of Psychology in SCA Rapier Combat