The Rapier

The resources in this section present definitions of what a “rapier” is and provide information on the classification of historic rapiers.

The rapier: facts, factoids and unanswered questionsby Maestro Tom Leoni
A definition of the rapier, a description of its parts, and a discussion about the various myths surrounding the rapier and its use.

The rapier revisitedby Maestro Tom Leoni
A follow up to the above article that includes new information learned by the author.

The Rapier & Small-Sword: 1460-1820by A.V. Norman
[Book – out of print] Discusses the parts of a rapier, and classifies in detail the many variation of rapiers that existed in period. Includes pencil sketches and descriptions useful for learning about the way rapiers changed over time and for dating a rapier to a specific period in history. Includes not only the outer guard, but the inner guard, pommel styles, and more.

European weapons and armour: from the Rennaisance to the Industrial Revolutionby R. Ewart Oakeshott
[Book] Including a chapter on rapiers and daggers from the SCA time period.

A Study of Period Rapiersby William E. Wilson
A brief overview of various types of period blades with pictures.

A Brief Discussion upon Rapiers and their Propertiesby Don Garrick Mapmaker (Gregory Stauf)
Provides examples of period blade measurements (length, balance point, weight, etc) and general trends in the construction of period rapiers.

What did Historical Swords Weigh? – by J. Clements
Just how heavy were swords from the Middle Ages and Renaissance?